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From Pavel Novy <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] apache-1.3/src/os/netware/os.c
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 18:10:42 GMT
Brad, I've tested my patch on NW5.1 SP3+ box with the latest (Beta)
patches installed (011022n5 => wsock4f, ...), not running other
versions/configurations of NetWare such as NW6, so I can't test it here.
I'm not absolutely sure if WSAIoctl(..., SO_SSL_GET_FLAGS,...) is 100%
okay. I have no documentation, but I am wondering that zero is returned
in lpcbBytesReturned (NULL pointer passed in my patch)... Anyway,
value returned by this call in lpvOutBuffer seems to be correct (at 
least on my server).

Additionally to this fix, I am pretty sure that we need more complex
ap_is_default_port()/ap_default_port() macro/function. I think that 
redirection from "https://my_site/location" to
"https://my_site:443/location/" is inaccurate (Apache on Linux with 
mod_ssl doesn't work this way). Port 443 should be considered as default 
for https scheme.

I am also experiencing another issue - if accessing server from our 
local domain and omitting a domain name in the URL:

"http(s)://my_server_without_a_domain_name/location" ->

I can't understand why "Location" returned in redirection response (code
301) is not constructed from incoming URI (a trailing slash added), but
from (virtual) server's configuration parameters. This is not
NetWare specific behaviour and mod_dir (and so on) is responsible for 
this. However, I'm not too familiar with W3C specification...


Brad Nicholes wrote:

 > Pavel,
 >     Your patch looks good.  It looks like a much cleaner solution.
 > What version of Winsock have you tested this patch with?  Did you try it
 > on NW6?  As soon as I get some time to implement it and test it myself,
 > I will get it checked in.
 > thanks,
 > Brad
 >>>> Wednesday, November 28, 2001 7:50:57 AM >>>
 > Hi,
 > attached patch to fix invalid redirections from
 > "https://some_site/some_location" to
 > "http://some_site/some_location/".
 > Pavel

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