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From Igor Kovalenko <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] support for QNX6 - take 2
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 21:27:02 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:
> "Igor Kovalenko" <> writes:
> > One of the things objected in last version was addition of MAP_ANON clause
> > in PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT code. As I said, I could agree to remove that,
> > but ... the PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT is OS-specific feature to begin with,
> > so it would only matter if it is enabled. Looking at 1.3.22 code, no
> > platform actually defines USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT by default and only
> > Solaris, HP-UX (commented out) and AIX appear to even mention it. And the
> > implementation appears to be Solaris-specific, in fact.
> FYI...  AIX uses it by default, but by setting

Thanks, i see now. But as I said, MAP_ANON code works on AIX.

> The comments in the code about it being Solaris-specific aren't
> actually true. Some systems have that form of shared memory, some
> systems have that flavor of pthread_mutex, and where those sets of
> systems overlap that code ought to work :)
That's what I thought, so I am somewhat surprized nobody cares to try.
This probably is the fastest way to handle serialized accept.

> I wish I had a chance now to review your patch but alas... :(

So how do I get that patch in? Do I need to jump through hoops and keep
bothering here or what?

- igor

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