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From Brian Pane <>
Subject mod_include vs file descriptors
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2001 05:09:54 GMT
This bit of mod_include's includes_filter() is likely to be a problem
for servers with a lot of connections from slow clients:

    if ((parent = ap_get_module_config(r->request_config, 
&include_module))) {
        /* Kludge --- for nested includes, we want to keep the subprocess
         * environment of the base document (for compatibility); that means
         * torquing our own last_modified date as well so that the
         * LAST_MODIFIED variable gets reset to the proper value if the
         * nested document resets <!--#config timefmt-->.
         * We also insist that the memory for this subrequest not be
         * destroyed, that's dealt with in handle_include().
        r->subprocess_env = r->main->subprocess_env;
        apr_pool_join(r->main->pool, r->pool);
        r->finfo.mtime = r->main->finfo.mtime;

The problem is that, by joing the pool with that of the parent request,
the file descriptor for this .shtml file doesn't get closed until the parent
pool goes out of scope.  With a .shtml file that includes 9 other .shtml
files, we'll have a total of 10 file descriptors open (11 including the
socket to the client) until we finish sending the content to the client.
That could seriously limit the number of clients that each child process
can handle in the threaded or worker MPM.

The easy solutions I can think of are:
  * Close the descriptor for each file immediately after mmap'ing it, or
  * Don't join the pools in includes_filter().

Can anyone comment on the viability of these fixes, or any other suitable


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