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From Jacek Prucia <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy logs
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 08:59:09 GMT
Graham Leggett <> wrote:

> Jacek Prucia wrote:
> >  I've recently bumped into some wacky kind of problem with Apache
> > 1.3.x that might require writting a patch. If I have mod_proxy
> > enabled then all requests (proxy & non proxy) are logged to
> > coresponding CustomLog/TransferLog file (with selected format). On
> > a busy server this can make access logs consume quite a lot of disk
> > space. Looks like there's no way to split proxy logs from access
> > logs or even discard them at all. This could be solved by doing either:
> Are you trying to run a forward proxy and a webserver at the same time?


> If so, why not use different customlogs within virtual hosts to split
> out the webserver logs from the proxy logs? (instead of trying to split
> the proxy logs from the webserver logs).

In other words: the solution is to split servers, not logs.

> The proxy logs just go in the default logfile, while the webserver logs
> can go into separate logfiles

I did a little test the other way: default log file gets webserver requests and proxy has
dedicated VirtualHost with separate log file. It works as expected.

> no patching required.

Yes, but even when your explanation seems logical (separating servers doing different things)
and creating name-based Virtual Host is quick'n'easy -- this still doesn't fit very well my
situation (there's a lot of explanation why and I feel that it is really unnecesary to clutter
this list with my problems). I'll probably go ahead and make this patch, but since it only
fits my particular needs, it looks like there's no need to import it into main trunk.

Jacek Prucia S.A.

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