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From Ryan Morgan <>
Subject Another filter question
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 06:10:53 GMT

I just noticed that both the SSL filter and the CORE output filter have
the same filter type of AP_FTYPE_NETWORK.. Is this intended?  It causes
an ordering problem since we must insert the SSL filter before the CORE
output filter. (since the SSL filter relies on CORE to send the data)

If a module wants to remove the SSL filter, then add it later that module
must remove the core output filter, then add ssl, then add the core again.

This is a problem with protocols that allow a user to connect w/o ssl,
then start ssl later on during the same connection.

It looks to me that we should register it as FTYPE_NETWORK-1 since 
FTYPE_CONNECTION filters are not allowed in a subrequest.

There is also a note in util_filter.h that says NETWORK filters do not
modify content, but the SSL filter obviously does.


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