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From Daniel Stone <>
Subject [PATCH] syncing up
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 10:07:41 GMT
Hi guys,
Here's a quick sync up of all the patches that I have in my Debian
package that probably should go upstream. If you're in the top src dir
of HEAD, apply with -p2 (they're +++

003_program_build: Contributed by Thom May, does autoconf substitutions
on support/*.
004a_srclib_layout_support: Adds layout support to apr, apr-util and
004b_debian_layout: The Debian layout. Needs to be applied to httpd-2.0,
apr and apr-util.
006_build_with_autoconf_2.5: Breaks with 2.13, this explicitly specifies
2.5 (Debian has the two in parallel, this is needed to make it use 2.5).
010_index.html.it_typo: Probably 1.3 material as well - Italian typo fix
from a native speaker.
011_mod_autoindex-symlink: Contributed patch to special case symlinks to
files and directories in mod_autoindex - ^^SYMLINK^^ and ^^SYMDIR^^,

:) d	    

Daniel Stone						    <>
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