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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: ssl-std.conf
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 00:20:47 GMT

I understand how the mechanism works, what confuses me is removing the
Port directive and adding it in the ServerName. Many Apache 1.3 users, when
upgrading to Apache 2.0 are going to be looking for the Port directive, take
a few minutes to figure out what is going wrong, read the docs and use
ServerName instead. No big deal, but for the same reason, why change the
(just following the golden rule of engineering "if it works, don't mess with it" :)

> > I agree with you. I never really understood the need to remove the port
> > directive, I never heard anybody complain about it. It just confuses people.
> No... they are confused [search bugs, and the lists, and the newsgroups.]
> A vhost (or the default server) has one and only one identity [servername] 
> but potentially many aliases [serveralias].  A vhost has one and only one
> port identity as well [was Port], which has simply been combined with it's
> one and only one identity.
> Not really confusing, when you remember that ServerName/ServerAlias are only
> identities, and Listen is the actual port configuration.
> Bill

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