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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (httpd-2.0) Wed Nov 28 23:45:08 EST 2001
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 06:58:32 GMT
From: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 12:30 AM

> In a message dated 11/28/2001 10:21:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> writes:
> >  If you have any doubts about why sometimes submissions aren't considered 
> >  for inclusion in any open source project ... well there you have it.
> Ya know what...
> I am going to stand still for this little spanking session because
> I am willing to admit when I have made a mistake and unlike most 
> times before on this forum when you guys have tried to make a
> punching bag out of me... this time I give you permission to fire away.

> Ok... now on to the next question ( already asked by someone else )
> Whatever happened to the 'other candidate for submission' as
> described by Coar? I assume that was mod_gzip itself?

As described by Ken?  Once again, what would he have to do with that?

jwoolley    01/09/15 12:18:59

  Modified:    .        STATUS
  A chilly day in Charlottesville...
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.294     +3 -2      httpd-2.0/STATUS
  @@ -117,7 +117,8 @@
         and in-your-face.)  This proposed change would not depricate Alias.
       * add mod_gz to httpd-2.0 (in modules/experimental/)
  -      +1: Greg, Justin, Cliff, ben, Ken, Jeff
  +      +1: Greg, Justin, ben, Ken, Jeff
  +       0: Cliff (there's now another candidate to be evaluated)
          0: Jim (premature decision at present, IMO)
         -0: Doug, Ryan

Kevin... I believe I've generally treated you civilly... Read the end of my
previous response above.  A good number of non-combatants to these 'gzip wars'
are really disgusted with the language and attitude on list.  Much of that
has turned on your comments and hostility.

In accepting a contribution, the submitter is generally expected to support
the submission, ongoing.  Everyone here enjoys working on or with Apache, or
they would find another server.  Even those paid to work on Apache enjoy it,
or they aught to find more suitable employment.

Nobody has the stomach to put up with the personal slams that regularly
emanate from your keyboard, even (perhaps especially) when directed at other,
productive members of this community.  As accepting your contribution would
indirectly subject all list subscribers to your 'support', such as it is, there 
was not one vote for said 'alternative' in the STATUS file, 2 1/2 months after 
Cliff made note of it.

Sad it came down to that ... is this damage reparable?  Not for mod_gzip, 
IMHO, there is too much lingering hostility, ergo caution.  For you personally, 
in relation to the project list?  Well, that entirely depend on future messages 
emanating from your keyboard.



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