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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: stuck in keepalive (apache 1.3)
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2001 18:41:10 GMT
Curious what insite Dean had into suggesting a change from SIGALRM to SIGUSR2.

Seemed to work in the Solaris case. Not clear if the fellow who made the change on Linux
got any relief.

The only way that I can see Apache 1.3 getting stuck on keepalive reads is:
1. storage overlay that whacked the timeout value to some BIG NUMBER (unlikely I think)
2. signals are not being delivered either because of a bug in the OS or because some
errant module has blocked signals.
3. Some module has started one or more additional threads w/o blocking signals in the new
thread. The new thread could be catching the keep-alive timeout signal rather than the
thread blocked on the read.

In general it is bad mojo to introduce threads to an Apache 1.3 process but I believe it
can be done if you are really, really careful...


> I'm curious if anyone knows the cause/solution of this one.  I've never seen
> it personally, but I've seen at least half a dozen reports  in the bug
> database and newsgroups.
> Basically, people report that processes get "stuck" in keepalive and
> eventually fill up all the process slots, bringing the server to a halt:
> Some people report success with a signal change:
> Joshua.

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