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From "Gomez Henri" <>
Subject Re: Some patches to start supporting AS/400 (iSeries)
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 12:10:58 GMT
>>Ryan Bloom wrote:
>> I don't see why we can't. The code needs to be reviewed
>> whether the code is submitted with a name or not.

>Rodent of Unusual Size [Ken.Coar@Golux.Com] wrote:
>One word: liability. Two more: patent infringement.
>I think we need some evidence of good faith that the
>code isn't encumbered, or else it can't get any closer
>than the contrib directory. The accountability of a
>reasonable submitter name is far from perfect, but not
>as far as that of an anonymous one. :-)

Ok, I understand, but do you means I'll have to subscribe 
directly to in order to propose 
some patches ?

It make sense to follow when you're
a regular developper and contributor (commiter), but I don't
fit in that category today and really have concern on reducing
the number of emails I could reasonnabily handle each days.

But if it's mandatory, not problem, I'll subscribe to dev list....

Henri Gomez ___[_]____
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