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Subject apxs installation
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 15:18:14 GMT
Hi, Mike Pilato here (Subversion developer, httpd-2.0 list lurker).

Did I miss a recent change to the httpd-2.0 install process?  I've
tried compiling and installed the latest codebase on three different
machines in the past week (1 linux, 2 freebsd), and in all cases the
/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs script was *not* copied from the source
tree.  No errors of any kind, just a missing file where there formerly
would have been one.  Not even in the target list in the Makefile's
install rule (with apachectl and dbmmanage).  Subversion uses that
script as part of our build of it no longer part of
the installation routine?

Also, a side note.  When using autoconf 2.52 on the freebsd boxen,
there is some script-code generated at the bottom of config.status
that looks like this:

for ac_file in : $CONFIG_COMMANDS; do test "x$ac_file" = x: && continue
  ac_dest=`echo "$ac_file" | sed 's,:.*,,'`
  ac_source=`echo "$ac_file" | sed 's,[^:]*:,,'`

  case $ac_dest in

On linux, this is fine.  On freebsd, /bin/sh complains of syntax
problems (sorry, don't have the error on hand, but it led me to
believe the empty case statement was the offender).  Of course, in
linux, /bin/sh is bash.  And indeed, if I make /bin/sh on the freebsd
box just a link to /usr/local/bin/bash, no error occurs.

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