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From "Brad Nicholes" <>
Subject Re: 1.3.21 fails on NetWare... please check other platforms..
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 21:02:35 GMT
According to the 1.3.21 tarball that is currently available for testing, /manual is a sub-directory
of /htdocs.  NetWare does not have an install program and up until now, the directory structure
in the tarball has matched the conf file.  Is that now not the case or does the directory
structure in the tarball need to be changed?


>>> Friday, October 05, 2001 2:44:21 PM >>>
On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Brad Nicholes wrote:

> Shouldn't this be @@DocumentRoot@@ rather than @@ServerRoot@@ since
> /manual/ is a subdirectory of /htdocs/ ?

But /manual/ is not a subdirectory of /htdocs/ anymore (or at least it
doesn't get installed there).  That's the whole point.


   Cliff Woolley 
   Charlottesville, VA

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