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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject AP_BYTE and ap_sha1.h/c
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 23:51:28 GMT

Anyone object to me move the

	typedef unsigned char AP_BYTE;

which is used in ap_sha1.c to define the digest
returned with:

    ap_SHA1Final(digest, &context);

out into ap_sha1.h; and update ap-SHA1Final() so that an external
app can call the trilogy:

    AP_SHA1_CTX context;

    ap_SHA1Update(&context, clear, strlen(clear));
    ap_SHA1Final(digest, &context);

to make it's own SHA1 binary digests.


would it be better to wack AP_BYTE in ap_sha1.c and simply use unsigned
char throughout (as that is how Final is defined externally).

Any advice..


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