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From "David Blevins" <>
Subject Implementation of XML/Properties based configuration
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 00:56:45 GMT
Hello All,

I'm redoing the configuration strategy of the OpenEJB project and would like
to use a method that is identical to the Apache httpd.conf files.

It seems that it is a mixture of XML and plain properties, however, there
are non-xml comments all over (which I like).  Also, the attributes on the
xml-like tags have no name, just unquoted values (which I also like).

The comments are great because it allows you to have valid examples, tags
and all, right in the comments.  You just need to copy or uncomment the
example and you're off an running.

Tags are useful when you have things which can be defined multiple times.
The tags usage in the httpd.conf is very conservative which is what I like
the most.  Things aren't many layers deep, usually one, and I don't have to
write or read through 100 characters of xml to find 10 characters of actual
configuration information.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated by me and the OpenEJB community.

Thanks in advance,
David Blevins
OpenEJB - EJB Container System

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