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From Paul Hooper <>
Subject RE: ssl is broken
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 14:22:30 GMT
Yeah, yeah

-----Original Message-----
From: Ryan Bloom []
Sent: 03 October 2001 15:24
To:; Justin Erenkrantz
Subject: Re: ssl is broken

On Tuesday 02 October 2001 10:11 pm, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 12:51:09AM -0400, MATHIHALLI,MADHUSUDAN
(HP-Cupertino,ex1) wrote:
> > I'm running into all sorts of filter problems. The initial client
> > is itself not received completely.. For ex., the apr_bucket_read
> > (ssl_engine_io.c:218) returns 20 bytes when the client has sent 103
> > bytes.
> >
> > The ssl_hook_process_connection (mod_ssl.c:360) returns with a error to
> > read more (which is not being handled right now). This is a problem as
> > the SSL filter expects that *all* the data sent by the client is
> > in one complete chunk..
> >
> > If I try forcing the bucket_read again (incase of a SSL_WANT_READ
> > it's still not able to read the full data.
> Whenever mod_ssl is handling the request, it needs to remove CORE_IN
> and be able to match CORE_IN's functionality (i.e. handle the same
> modes as CORE_IN).  This is how I would expect it to work given the
> new implementation.

This is bogus.  The whole point of the SSL module being written to use
was that it doesn't need to replace CORE_IN.

Ryan Bloom
Covalent Technologies

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