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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] ApacheHTTPD -- WIN32
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:34:00 GMT

I'll try to change the approach a little bit :)
This month I've posted a couple of add-ons, patches, proposals, etc... and
for most of them didn't get the (even a 'f**k off')answer.
Well, I don't mind but it would be nice to get some feedback.


The ApacheHTTPD is GUI (WinMain) application used instead of apache.exe in
some conditions.
One of the obvious one is WIN9x and the other is NT in non-service mode.
Basically we are needing main() (console) only on WINNT+ platforms when
running as service.
In all other cases the GUI would be much better solution.
I'm thinking to wrap the stdout/stderr and stdin, put some icon in the try
with the popup window (console simulation).
My proposal is to add to the main a simple global variable that will signal
if the apache is running as console or GUI application, of course calls to
CreateProcess will be overridden by that variable.
IMO that will Win9xConHook made unnecessary, and the NT+ platforms will
benefit from the concept.
I mean by that if the apache is run as service, it could call the
ApacheHTTPD as 'redirector' for I/O. That way we could override the SSL
password entry for example pushing some dialog box, or see the current
server status.

Does community has some comments on that?


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