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From JoaquĆ­n Menchaca <>
Subject Compiling Woes with Darwin (Apache 1.3.20)
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 22:07:48 GMT

I was attempting to subscribe to appropriate list.  I apologize to the 
list in advanced in case this is not on the topic area/interest.  I am 
relatively new to Apache.  I have configured and compiled Apache before on 
HP-UX 10.20, Windows NT/2K, Solaris 7, DigitalUNIX, and naturally Linux.  
Now I am stuck on Mac OS X 10.1 trying to compile 1.3.20.

I get the following from stderr:

< cd ..; cc  -DDARWIN -DUSE_HSREGEX -DUSE_EXPAT -I./lib/expat-lite 
-DNO_DL_NEEDED `./apaci`     -o helpers/dummy helpers/dummy.c
< /usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib load command 6 unknown cmd field
< make: *** [dummy] Error 1

I get the following from stdout:

Configuring for Apache, Version 1.3.20
  + Warning: Configuring Apache with default settings.
  + This is probably not what you really want.
  + Please read the README.configure and INSTALL files
  + first or at least run './configure --help' for
  + a compact summary of available options.
  + using installation path layout: Darwin (config.layout)
Creating Makefile
Creating Configuration.apaci in src
Creating Makefile in src
  + configured for Darwin platform
  + setting C compiler to cc
  + setting C pre-processor to cc -E -traditional-cpp
  + checking for system header files
  + adding selected modules
  + checking sizeof various data types
  + doing sanity check on compiler and options
** A test compilation with your Makefile configuration
** failed.  The below error output from the compilation
** test will give you an idea what is failing. Note that
** Apache requires an ANSI C Compiler, such as gcc.

======== Error Output for sanity check ========
============= End of Error Report =============


Any suggestions?!?

  - Joaquin

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