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From Stipe Tolj <>
Subject Re: Problems with Keep-Alive and still not exiting childs
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 01:00:39 GMT
> Win32 doesn't use read/write, it uses send/recv.  While the read/write
> oftentimes works, it's less than effective on occasion.
> I suspect either the cygwin thunk is misbehaving, or we have compensated
> in the server but the cygwin port doesn't pick up those exceptions.  Grep
> throughout the source for send/recv where we've #ifdef'ed Win32, consider
> including CYGWIN in those exceptions and see what you observe.

thanks a lot for the hint.

Attached is a patch that shows what I have changed in current CVS to
make apache-1.3 run with Win32 API specific send/recv functions. 

I have this apache-1.3.23-dev version running on
and will see how it behaves for the upcoming days. If it is considered
better, I would suggest to include the patch to official CVS tree.

Here are the ChangeLog entries:

  * src/Configuration.tmpl: added rule CYGWIN_WINSOCK which may be
used at configure time to indicate that we want Win32 API style
functions instead of POSIX.

  * src/Configure: added necessary line for helpers/CutRule to fetch
CYGWIN_WINSOCK rule and an additional if statement to Cygwin's compile
flag block to include a seperate define CYGWIN_WINSOCK and the
required import library libwsock32.a. 

  * src/main/buff.c: added additional #ifdef ORs for CYGWIN_WINSOCK to
include Win32 API code.

  * src/main/http_main.c: added additional #ifdef ORs for
CYGWIN_WINSOCK to include Win32 API code.

  * src/os/cygwin/os.h: added necessary #define's and function
prototype declaration for Win32 API functions.

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