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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: New proxy hook
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:30:52 GMT
Daniel Lopez wrote:

> I want a chance to modify the headers going to the origin server, which are
> not exactly the incoming headers.  If you take a look at the source code for
> mod_proxy it adds additional headers like "X-Forwarded-For" ,
> "X-Forwarded-Host", "X-Forwarded-Server" in the content handling phase that
> I may want to modify, replace or unset.

In this case a ProxyAddOutputFilter directive could be used to add the
mod_headers filter, this will do this for you.

This way we use existing filters, and not add new proxy specific ones.

> > This same behaviour is useful in mod_jk, mod_webapp, and mod_cgi,
> > amongst others.
> While the idea is the same (passing request information to an external
> program) in these cases you are modifying the incoming headers, because
> there is no additional external HTTP request.

In the case of both mod_jk and mod_webapp, there is an HTTP-like request
to a Java servlet server. Both modules are very similar in function to

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