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From Sunitha Kumar <>
Subject Re: Leaks in 2.0.16 beta
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2001 13:03:45 GMT
Thanks much for your response.
I looked through the Changes file for 2.0.16 beta, and there are no 
dates there, apart from older release dates. Are there other pointers?
Also, where can I find the archives of commits?


Greg Stein wrote:

>We don't make the individual fixes available. Our only real mechanism for
>distributing changes is to say, "get an updated version." Otherwise, you can
>crawl through the CVS repository to find the related changes. I'd recommend
>looking at when the CHANGES file was modified each time; you should be able
>to find the related commits near those dates.
>I'm not sure offhand, but I believe we make available archives of the commit
>mailing list. That would probably be even easier to scan through to find the
>actual changes/commits.
>On Fri, Oct 19, 2001 at 11:45:08AM -0700, Sunitha Kumar wrote:
>>I saw these were fixed in 2.0.18 ( in the Changes file), How can I get
>>these fixes, individually.
>>Fixed potential FILE* leak in http_main.c [Ben Laurie]
>>Don't leak the DIR * on HEAD request for a directory. [Robert Thau]
>>Create Files, and thus MMAPs, out of the request pool, not the
>>     connection pool.  This solves a small resource leak that had us
>>     not closing files until a connection was closed.  In order to do
>>     this, at the end of the core_output_filter, we loop through the
>>     brigade and convert any data we have into a single HEAP bucket
>>     that we know will survive clearing the request_rec.
>>     [Ryan Bloom, Justin Erenkrantz <>,
>>      Cliff Woolley]
>>Sunitha Kumar

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