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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: no seg fault recovery with worker or threaded
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 19:52:57 GMT
On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 08:41:00AM -0700, Ryan Bloom wrote:
> On Thursday 25 October 2001 08:24 am, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> This is actually a rather simple patch.  It was a mistake that it was committed
> with the rest of those changes, but I followed it up with e-mail.
> This patch fixed a bug with redirects.  We were redirecting to a new URL,
> but we were losing the query string.  We also had the problem that
> we were unescaping too much information.  Take a look at bug
> 7503, which this patch fixed.

Well, it introduced a few bugs.  =)

But, please review what I just committed - I think it should make 
everyone a bit happier and restore the host portion of the redirect.
I have no idea when the commit message will make it through to the 
list (or when this one will either)...

Daedalus should be updated with this because we're screwing up the 
RedirectMatch (but not like we haven't been doing the wrong thing
for a while now).  -- justin

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