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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: New proxy hook
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 20:28:44 GMT

> > Apache could pass this information in an HTTP request, no need for a special
> > protocol.
> And dinamically reconfigure your apache web server from an HTTP request? I
> don't really see how... Like, if I know that /examples/*.jsp is something
> that need to be processed by a Servlet, and /examples/*.html is a static
> file, which is actually available to the web server in some path (let's say
> /usr/webapps/examples/*.html) how can I tell to my running web server to
> forward certain paths to the proxy_module and certain others to the defalt
> file serving thinghie? 

You can do this with mod_rewrite for example. If the config syntax is too
difficult you can always create your own commands. What I am advocating is
that you do not need to create your own protocol, you can always layer your
functionality on top of proxy, since what you are doing is basically
transferring HTTP request contents

> > Um... maybe :) I would like to see some numbers on how slow parsing the
> > headers is in comparison with the time it takes to process the request or
> > deal with the warp protocol
> Approximately 1/3...1/4 of the time, and objects allocation is approximately
> 2/3s (with the current code, and the WARP protocol stack is not optimized)

Cool, if i understand correctly, this is for WARP, but how much is the % of
improvement between WARP and reverse proxy? 

> > I see the value of warp for hiding the underlying transmission protocol, but
> > in the case of embedding the JVM directly it may be worth to do it on its own.
> And then how can you load balance a JNI based servlet engine with a
> remote/networked one?

Ok, but with a reverse proxy approach you can load balance between Tomcat,
BEA and Websphere ;) 

> > My point is that if it is good enough for weblogic and IBM (they have an
> > HTTP based protocol for Websphere 4.0) it may be good enough for us :)
> Not good enough for me :) Also, I would like to see a full httpd.conf
> configured to serve a web-application, if it is more than one line per web
> application, you get my +1 on continuing on mod_webapp.... :)

I understand your concern with easy configuration. What I am advocating is
adding all those features but still use HTTP as the transport (like
subversion does for cvs). This eliminates the need to develop and maintain
your own protocol, allows you to take advantage of things like SSL and any
improvements that you make to reverse proxy, like load balancing, can be
used by other modules or setups with any backend server, not only tomcat.

Best regards


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