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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: New proxy hook
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2001 20:19:14 GMT
> > mod_headers allows modification of headers between client and apache, but
> > not headers between proxy and origin server.
> Read the following section of the mod_headers manual to find out how to
> change the request headers before they are passed to the remote server:

I looked both at the docs and the source code before requesting
this hook change :)

I want a chance to modify the headers going to the origin server, which are
not exactly the incoming headers.  If you take a look at the source code for
mod_proxy it adds additional headers like "X-Forwarded-For" ,
"X-Forwarded-Host", "X-Forwarded-Server" in the content handling phase that
I may want to modify, replace or unset.

> > > Adding hooks to proxy is bad, because it means that this functionality
> > > is limited to proxy, and is not available to the rest of the server.
> > 
> > But this is proxy specific functionality :)
> It isn't.
> This same behaviour is useful in mod_jk, mod_webapp, and mod_cgi,
> amongst others.

While the idea is the same (passing request information to an external
program) in these cases you are modifying the incoming headers, because
there is no additional external HTTP request.

Best regards


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