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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/server core.c
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 03:33:46 GMT
On Wednesday 10 October 2001 07:14 pm, Cliff Woolley wrote:
> On 11 Oct 2001 wrote:
> > The problem here is that we are getting some zero-length buckets at
> > the head of our brigade - which are in isolation okay.  In this
> > situation, they must be removed by the call to APR_BRIGADE_NORMALIZE.
> I've always been very skeptical about APR_BRIGADE_NORMALIZE.  I almost
> vetoed it when it went in, because to me the "need" for it is just masking
> the fact that we're doing something else wrong.  My question is what are
> we doing to get all these 0-length buckets, and why aren't we prepared to
> deal with them?  I need to think about your other comments for a while
> longer before I really understand what's going on, I think.

That macro is actually just a convenience macro, because it allows you to
strip out all of the 0 length buckets.  Once that is done, it is easy to check for
empty brigades.  It is just as easy to loop through the brigade and check that
each is a 0 length bucket, but that is logic that each would need to check.

Ryan Bloom
Covalent Technologies

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