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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Placing a recent snapshot on daedalus?
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 19:17:21 GMT
Would it be possible to place a fairly current snapshot of httpd-2.0
up on daedalus?

I'd really like to get the input filter changes hammered on.  If
it is broken, the sooner we get feedback, the better.  I know that
there are tons of other fixes (or "new features") that have entered
recently that should also be tested in the "real world."

I don't know if we can either place it on or put it on
a different port, but with a log replay.  I'll let those who do
this sort of thing handle that.  If it doesn't pass basic sanity
tests (like the looping reads I just fixed), I'd like to know that
as well.

I know SSL is still broken and proxy may or may not be working (Ian?),
but I don't believe that they are used by daedalus.  

I'm still frustrated with mod_ssl.  I may just commit what I have
so that others can possibly jump in here.  I dunno what the right
thing to do here is.  Should I wait until it is perfect, or should
I just commit what I have?  (Remember, it is broken right now.)
-- justin

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