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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: Port of Apache 1.3.20 to AtheOS
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 22:08:26 GMT
On Tuesday 02 October 2001 02:56 pm, Rodrigo Parra Novo wrote:

> necessary steps to to port Apache to a new architecture. Is there a
> document with the same function for Apache 2.0?

Not yet, but it looks like you have found them all already.

>    Through a bit of searching/grepping, I've found that most necessary
> modifications, to make Apache run *well* on AtheOS, would reside in the
> following directories:
>    - os/

You can probably ignore this directory.  You are likely to need a file in here only
if you want to use SuExec.  Everything else in the Unix directory is to support
changing user ID's of the process running the server, and to detach from the
terminal.  If you write your own MPM, all of that type of logic can go directly
into the MPM.

>    - server/mpm/ (adding a new MPM for AtheOS, which would resemble the
>                   a lot the Win32 MPM)

You will need this, but I would look at mpmt_os2, which provides a multi-process
multi-threaded MPM which should be basically portable.  It may use a few
native OS/2 APIs, but most of it should be using APR.

>    - srclib/apr/ (addding new directories for AtheOS, where necessary,
>                   using the unix/ directory in the "common" places)

Exactly.  If you have posix implemented, you are done already, the autoconf
script will choose to use the unix dir, and you can forget about everything else.
If you have any problems, then you will need to create an atheos directory, and
you will need to populate it.

There is an old out-of-date APRDesign document in the APR directory, that will
at least help you get started.  Other than that, you should join
The developers there will help you port APR to AtheOS, especially if you can get
us an account on a box.  Most of the APR developers are portability freaks, so one
more OS would be awesome!

>    Are there any documents available, pointing to the places I would
> need to change? Is there any information regarding the development of
> new MPMs?

The docs for porting aren't written yet.  The writing MPM docs aren't written
yet either.  I have written a couple of chapters about how to do this for my book,
but they are a bit out of date, and they aren't clear yet.


Ryan Bloom
Covalent Technologies

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