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From Rodrigo Parra Novo <>
Subject Port of Apache 1.3.20 to AtheOS
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 21:56:40 GMT

   Hi there,

   I have ported Apache 1.3.20 to AtheOS (A new OS, described on, following the rules described by the PORTING document,
which can be found in Apache's src/ directory.

   I'm sending the (rather simple) patch attached. It would be nice if
someone from the Apache team could take a look at the patch, and tell me
if anything is still missing. It would be also nice if (hopefully) this
patch could be added to the current Apache 1.3 branch, on CVS.

   I (and others) have been running Apache on AtheOS for some time now,
and everything seems to work correctly, with the following exceptions:

   1. AtheOS does not use mmap() and shmget(), so we are using the
ScoreBoard on disk, for now;
   2. AtheOS does not support DSO for the moment, as shared libraries
are treated a bit differently from the way they are treated on UNIX.

   The two limitations above should be *easily* addressed if (when) one
writes the necessary hooks, for Apache 2.0. (which leads me to a question)
Apache 1.3 has the nice src/PORTING document, which explains all
necessary steps to to port Apache to a new architecture. Is there a
document with the same function for Apache 2.0?

   Through a bit of searching/grepping, I've found that most necessary
modifications, to make Apache run *well* on AtheOS, would reside in the
following directories:

   - os/
   - server/mpm/ (adding a new MPM for AtheOS, which would resemble the
                  a lot the Win32 MPM)
   - srclib/apr/ (addding new directories for AtheOS, where necessary,
                  using the unix/ directory in the "common" places)

   Are there any documents available, pointing to the places I would
need to change? Is there any information regarding the development of
new MPMs?

   Thanks in advance,


Rodrigo Parra Novo                     iEmacs is the best editor<ESC>
[]                0cwVI(m)<ESC>
Terra Networks Brasil S.A.                              -- vim editor

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