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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Cleaning out 1.3 status...
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 21:16:35 GMT
I've yanked the following two items from 1.3's STATUS.  Both are now
incorporated in 2.0.

    * Proposed API Changes:

 - r->content_language is for backwards compatibility... with modules
   that may not link any longer without some minor editing.  The new
   field is r->content_languages.  Heck it's not even mentioned in
   apache-devsite/mmn.txt when we got content_languages (note the s!).
   The proposal is to remove r->content_language:
     Status: Paul +1, Ralf +1, Ken +1, Martin +1, Dirkx +1 (I could
  not find ANY module which uses it and which (still) compiles
  after the config change.)

I've pulled r->content_language - this backwards brokenness does nothing
to help module authors understand proper header handling.

 - child_exit() is redundant, it can be implemented via cleanups.  It is
   not "symmetric" in the sense that there is no exit API method to go
   along with the init() API method.  There is no need for an exit
   method, there are already modules using cleanups to perform this (see
   mod_mmap_static, and mod_php3 for example).  The proposal is to
   remove the child_exit() method and document cleanups as the method of
   handling this need.
     Status: Rasmus +1, Paul +1, Jim +1, 
             Martin +1, Ralf +1, Ken +1, 
      Dirkx +1 (with doc change)

We have already deprecated the callback.  clean_child_exit() itself 
remains necessary and useful.  We certainly won't be restructuring the
1.3 generation for this change.

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