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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.3 :: Not-a-bug: .asis handler
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 17:07:46 GMT
From: "Bill Stoddard" <>
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 3:03 PM

> This is looking more and more like config funkiness as opposed to a serious 
> code defect.  Unless I see something to change my mind, I am not inclined to 
> attempt to fix this in the 1.3 code base.

Whatever.  I advertised the fix, I couldn't care less if anyone backports it.

It's bitten several folks.  It's been written up on bugtraq as an outstanding
case.  There are a dozen variations of cause and effect.  But whatever, you are 
the RM, and nobody can veto a release.

The problem is that each of the modules, mime, negotation, and autoindex, as
well as the default handler have all contributed to this thorny problem.
Yes - you can call it config error.  But I'd argue that not being able to
see the whole picture doesn't make this a config error; our inability to
unlock the 'secrets' of our modules interaction means that the admin has no
hope of ever understanding this.

We advertised mod_negotation as a real module, not 'experimental'.  If our
own modules interact impolitely, we should re-relegate it to experimental.

BTW - I agree with keeping the 'found' match logic for matching AddHandler
extensions in 1.3 - to retain backwards brokenness and to meet the "prinicpal 
of least surprize" test.  That's not my opinion on 2.0, but that's another
thread.  So "index.html.asis" should continue to match "index.html" for 1.3.


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