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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: results with 2.0.27-dev on daedalus :-)
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 01:05:57 GMT
From: "Joshua Slive" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 10:47 AM

> There are a couple configuration issues with* at the
> moment:
> 1. We are back in "no acceptable variant" hell.  I think OtherBill is still
> working on the directive to fix this, but I'm not sure.

Yes, it's a deeper issue than I expected.

To be RFC compliant we must start by fixing today's wrong behavior.

User accepts .en and .fr at q=.5, server chooses one [WRONG: MULTIPLE_CHOICES
should be presented!!!]

User accepts no specified, we serve none [Also wrong, also MULTIPLE_CHOICES
should be the default behavior!!!]

So, the ForceLanguagePreference has to toggle two behaviors independantly;

a. Allow the user to override MULTIPLE_CHOICES

b. Allow the user to override NONE_ACCEPTABLE

I've been SWAMPED [well, in Chicago here, that's literally true, but I really
mean the work thing ;]

> 2. SSI is not getting activated properly.  httpd.conf says:
> <Files ~ "\.html$">
>     SetOutputFilter INCLUDES
> </Files>
> But it should say:
> <FilesMatch "\.html(\..+)?$">
>     SetOutputFilter INCLUDES
> </FilesMatch>
> (from httpd-std.conf)
> or, more simply,
> AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .html
> The problem with the present configuration is that it does not catch
> .html.en (etc).  So, as Marc pointed out, some docs are not getting parsed.

Ah ha... but that should only apply to certain areas, and follows different
rules appropriately.

In the /error/ alias, we do;

        AddOutputFilter Includes html

So there should be no problem there.  Which directory are you speaking of?

Are your sure your httpd.conf isn't out of date wrt httpd-std.conf?


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