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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Not-a-bug: .asis handler isn't driven
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 20:03:47 GMT

> Still working on recreating this...
> > > The sub_req for index.html.temp is destroyed because
> > > sub_req->content_type == NULL, which looks correct to me.
> >
> > Try index.html.en.temp - which may have been what I was thinking of.
> .temp is the last extension inspected by mod_mime. If temp is not in any of the tables
> (content-type, charset, content-language, content-encoding) and is not a special
> the sub_req->content_type is set to NULL which excludes the file from being negotiated.
> > Assure that it becomes the last file in the directory listing.
> >
> > The specific bug folks observed was that .lang.charset would be served,
> > even though charset wasn't negotiated.
> Ditto. If charset is the last extension and it is not configured, the file will not be
> considered for negotiation.

index.html.yadda.Big5 will not be considered for negotiation because, as you have pointed
out, the content type will be lost (reset to NULL) by mod_mime during the processing of
the unknown 'yadda' extension. A NULL content_type prevents the file from being added to
the list of negotiable files. There is one exception...

AFAIK, the only way this file can be added to the list of negotiable files (for use by
mod_negotiate) is if the directory has a ForceType in effect. ForceType will cause
mod_mime to force set the content_type to the configured value.

This is looking more and more like config funkiness as opposed to a serious code defect.
Unless I see something to change my mind, I am not inclined to attempt to fix this in the
1.3 code base.


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