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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Not-a-bug: .asis handler isn't driven
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 18:14:01 GMT
Still working on recreating this...

> > The sub_req for index.html.temp is destroyed because
> > sub_req->content_type == NULL, which looks correct to me.
> Try index.html.en.temp - which may have been what I was thinking of.

.temp is the last extension inspected by mod_mime. If temp is not in any of the tables
(content-type, charset, content-language, content-encoding) and is not a special handler,
the sub_req->content_type is set to NULL which excludes the file from being negotiated.

> Assure that it becomes the last file in the directory listing.
> The specific bug folks observed was that .lang.charset would be served,
> even though charset wasn't negotiated.

Ditto. If charset is the last extension and it is not configured, the file will not be
considered for negotiation.

> How isn't content_type set, am I thinking of .temp.html?

This will cause content_type to be set and the file will be considered for negotiation,
regardless of whether the previous extensions are known or unknown. I have not managed to
get index.html.en.temp.html (or similar) to serve up but they -are- placed in the list of
negotiable files. So this looks to be a possible failure scenario even though I have not
been able to reproduce it.

Any of this ring any bells?


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