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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Not-a-bug: .asis handler isn't driven
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 16:35:20 GMT
Testing in 1.3...

> It isn't a problem, 1.3 mime/negotation is subtely broken, so of course
> this works in 1.3.
> OK ... let's start from page one.
> Two files in a directory:
> index.html.en    1590 bytes
>    1632 bytes
> if the user's Accept-Language header is simply en, and they request
> index.html, they will get the .en variant.

> Accept-Language of fr
> will return the french variant.

> Accept-Language of anything else
> returns Not Acceptable,

> and no Accept-Language will return the
> index.html.en variant if the LanguagePriority is set with en and fr
> both present and occuring in that order.

> Now, Admin copies to index.html.temp.  Starts editing,
> deletes two paragraphs...
> index.html.temp  1039 bytes


> User requests index.html with AcceptLanguage en or fr.  They aught
> to get the right file.

> User has another Accept-Language.  They MAY
> get index.html.temp, because the others failed, and .temp inserts no
> no language identification to reject.
Set IE to request Basque [eu] and received 406 Not Acceptable which is correct.

> They provide no Accept-Language,
> and they _will_ get index.html.temp, based on size alone.

Nope, I don't get index.html.temp. I get index.html.en. In fact, if I attach a debugger
and watch what mod_negotiation is doing, it does not even allow index.html.temp to be
considered for negotiation because the content_type is NULL. Here is the code...

    while ((dir_entry = readdir(dirp))) {
        request_rec *sub_req;
        /* Do we have a match? */
        if (strncmp(dir_entry->d_name, filp, prefix_len)) {
        if (dir_entry->d_name[prefix_len] != '.') {
        /* Yep.  See if it's something which we have access to, and
         * which has a known type and encoding (as opposed to something
         * which we'll be slapping default_type on later).

        sub_req = ap_sub_req_lookup_file(dir_entry->d_name, r);

        /* If it has a handler, we'll pretend it's a CGI script,
         * since that's a good indication of the sort of thing it
         * might be doing.
        if (sub_req->handler && !sub_req->content_type) {
            sub_req->content_type = CGI_MAGIC_TYPE;

        /* HTTP_FORBIDDEN is returned, e.g., if the path length limit was exceeded */
        /* HTTP_OK does NOT necessarily mean that the file is really readable! */
        if (sub_req->status == HTTP_OK)
            forbidden.all = 0;
        else if (sub_req->status == HTTP_FORBIDDEN)
            forbidden.any = 1;

        if (sub_req->status != HTTP_OK || !sub_req->content_type) {

The sub_req for index.html.temp is destroyed because sub_req->content_type == NULL, which
looks correct to me.


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