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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: zlib inclusion and mod_gz(ip) recap
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 13:04:26 GMT
Can we get back to basics here?

First of all, we're talking about adding a new module to the standard
Apache build, something which is *not* to be taken lightly. So what
characterizes a candidate module? IMO it's the following aspects:

  1. Popular and well used already:
     So many people are using it right now that it makes some
     sense for it to be standard with Apache
  2. It provides a core, functional *need* to Apache:
     It is something so basic as to be almost "required"
  3. It has no outside dependencies:
     It is completely self-contained.
  4. It is small and well written:
     For maintenance purposes.
  5. Has no copyright, patent or licensing issues:
     Pretty self explanatory

Now it's no fair comparing what's already included with Apache with
the above list... most have been in there a loooong time. We're talking
*new* modules, and it's to prevent the sort of fluff leaking in.

The one obvious problem is #3, but I don't see that as a unsurmountable
wall, assuming the other aspects are good. I see that #1 and #2 are
strong for both candidates.

So instead of all the rhetoric, let's have some factual information.
I'm not a big fan of "arranged marriages".

PS: Let's also recall that nothing is ever free. What you save on
    bandwidth you loose on server and client CPU. You're just shifting
    resources. Places where you pay per byte, it makes sense, but not
    so much if you want pep and speed or low latency.

PPS: And unless it's not clear, I would be interested in seeing
     something like these added... But only after an honest and frank

   Jim Jagielski   [|]   [|]
      "A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order
                   will lose both and deserve neither"

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