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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/src/modules/standard mod_rewrite.h
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 12:31:03 GMT writes:

> jim         01/09/04 11:15:16
>   Modified:    src      CHANGES PORTING
>                src/include ap_config.h http_main.h
>                src/lib/sdbm sdbm_lock.c
>                src/main http_core.c http_main.c
>                src/modules/standard mod_rewrite.h
>   Log:
>   Add the AcceptMutex runtime directive, which allows for the
>   accept mutexing method to be set at runtime (the suite of
>   methods is set at compile time still).

I don't like the feature of selecting a default mechanism if the
"AcceptMutex foo" directive is invalid.  I think the admin should get
the same feedback she'd get if she miscoded anything else.  I'm not
accustomed to Apache continuing to initialize if a directive is

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