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Subject Re: [PATCH] Add mod_gz to httpd-2.0
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 17:27:45 GMT

In a message dated 01-09-05 16:40:22 EDT, you write:

> But you do have one thing partly right, IMO -- trying to converse
>  with you seems to frequently be an exercise in futility.  That
>  is a social issue, and if the rest of the group cannot have
>  a reasonable conversation with a module developer, no technical
>  merit of the module is going to overcome the irritation and
>  frustration the rest of the group is going to experience if
>  it gets included.

Do you moonlight as a preacher or something?
Do you judge everyone around you like this?

If you want to 'converse' with Peter then book a flight
to Denver. This is EMAIL. No one can ever say all
they want to or exepct anyone to ever read it all.
It's like 100 different pen-pal sessions going on at the
same time. I've been reading this forum for 4 years
and I certainly don't pretend that anyone here is 'my friend'.

This is business.


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