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From dean gaudet <>
Subject Re: FW: Apache Optimization - Post-graduate Research
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 22:55:19 GMT
your numbers look about in the right ballpark for the top performance
you'll get from apache on that hardware.  the apache architecture has some
fundamental performance issues... consider using TUX instead (it's
included with redhat 7.1) or X15 (which is also linux, userland only and
performs as well as TUX).

(i'd say your hardware needs more RAM at any rate.  64MB is nothing

if you want pointers, for your study, as to why apache's architecture is
fundamentally limited then stuff you should consider is the number of
bytes of per-client state information in a server such as apache (thread
or process per client means a stack per client) vs.
TUX/X15/IIS/thttpd/zeus... which are event driven and have roughly a
thread/process per CPU.  also consider the context switching cost of
thread/process per client.  also consider the expense of the "rich"
configuration language in apache (see new-httpd threads in the past few
months regarding per_dir config merging).  also consider the cost of
dozens of indirect function calls per request (to implement a generalised
module interface).


On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Apache Software Foundation wrote:

> Not acked.
> ----- Forwarded message from Markus van Aardt <> -----
> From: Markus van Aardt <>
> To: human-response@Apache.Org
> Subject: Apache Optimization - Post-graduate Research
> Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 11:21:41 +0200
> Hi
> If I sent this mail to the wrong address, could you please forward it
> to the appropriate address.  This message is related to optimization
> issues for a post-graduate study.  This is the only address listed on
> the Contacts page.
> I am investigating the performance profiles of several web servers for
> a post-graduate study at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.  I
> have read through several performance reports, including the report
> published by MindCraft, as well as the storm it stirred up.
> I hoped that I could obtain sufficient information from Apache and
> Linux documentation to optimize Apache to such an extend that it would
> outperform all other servers, including Microsoft's IIS 5.0.
> Unfortunately, the information I could gather from the Apache
> Performance Notes (written by Dean Gaudet) and several other
> Apache-related web sites did not improve the performance to match the
> IIS's performance.
> My test environment is based on bottom-end hosted server specifications:
>         Pentium II 350
>         64 MB RAM
>         100 Mb Ethernet
>         IDE HDD
>         Redhat 7.1
>         Apache 1.3.20
> On a basic installation, with no optimization applied, I was able to
> get the server to handle a load of just over 600 request per second.
> After I applied the optimization recommendations, I could only get
> this up to around 740-750 requests per second.  This figure is
> undoubtedly quite impressive, but to my dismay, IIS could run at
> around 1100-1200 requests per second.
> Furthermore, it seems that their is a definate point I reached with
> all my tests at 256 clients, in that the performance figures take a
> serious hit and start to go down quite rapidly up to around 430
> clients where it stabalises at 150 requests per second.  I could find
> no clear explanation for this as there seems to be little benchmark
> results available that cover performance figures for more than 500
> clients.  Could you maybe advise as the reason for this.
> I would really like to get the server running at higher speeds, but
> the performance recommendations seems to be insufficient to tune the
> server beyond its current state.  Could you point me to any other
> documentation or person who might assist me in this issue.  The
> performance figures I obtained for this particular test was based on a
> static 16K HTML file.  I am also running the tests on DSO support
> through Borland's Kylix.
> I appreciate the time you invested in reading this letter.
> Best regards
> Markus van Aardt
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