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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: zlib inclusion and mod_gz(ip) recap
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 18:05:50 GMT
On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Ryan Bloom wrote:

> > > Ryan himself said he prefers 3 right off the bat when Jerry
> > > said 'Let's dump Ian's mod_gz into the core!' which is what
> > > started this whole entire thread.
> >
> > Ask him what he thinks now :-)  Knowing Ryan, he is probably fine with
> > adding it at this point.
> Nope.  My opinion hasn't changed.  I won't veto, but I continue to think
> this is a bad idea.

i have the same opinion, for the same reason i was stunned (and still
am) to see ldap modules in the 2.0 tree.  new modules at this point are
only going to further delay the release of 2.0, hell even discussing
adding new modules is contributing to the delay.

i do think apache should be bundled with one or the other (mod_gz or
mod_gzip), but it should wait until 2.1.  i'm pretty sure most people
(myself included), are most interested in being able to just use 2.0
feature-wise as-is and won't mind waiting until 2.1+ for new features.

we're in the 9th month of year 2001, i saw the first glimpse of a '2.0'
server in early 1996 (rob thau's), i have no problem waiting longer for
bug fixes, performance, "doing things right", etc., but there is no good
reason to add new modules or big features at this point.  they should wait
for 2.1+.

fitting quote from mod_ssl.h:
                             /* ``The Apache Group: a collection
                                  of talented individuals who are
                                  trying to perfect the art of
                                  never finishing something.''
                                             -- Rob Hartill         */

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