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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: Hard coded HTTPD_ROOT in httpd.h...
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:23:24 GMT
On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Brad Nicholes wrote:

>    Thank you for the feedback but I am still concerned about how
> this is going to work on NetWare.  Here are the reasons why:

> 1) NetWare like Win32 and OS2, does not have a configure utility
> therefore config.layout will do us no good at all.  In fact 99% of
> the compile time configuration is meaningless to us mostly due to
> the next reason.

Then put it in httpd.h, where it already is:

#elif defined(NETWARE)
#define HTTPD_ROOT "sys:/apache"

Then if it is installed in the default location, no flags are necessary.

> 3) Bill suggested that we look at the Win32 hooks.  I'm not quite
>sure what you mean by that.  Unless they are some type of Apache
>hook, it won't do us any good either.  NetWare does not have a
>hooking mechanism that will allow us to alter something like
>HTTP_ROOT at run-time.  When the Apache binary is envoked, the
>first thing we hit is main().  According to the code, def_server_root
>is initialized to HTTPD_ROOT and unless there is a -f or -d parameter
>specified, a hard coded path will be used and we will fail.

Why will you fail if it is installed in the hardcoded location?

If not, then...

Why can't users use command line parameters?  Netware supports them,

Netware supports some type of scripting language doesn't it?  Why can't
you have a control script (much like apachectl) that passes the appropriate
command line options?

I don't see why using command line options is so undesirable or why 
relying on a particular working directory when starting the server is
better.  And I don't see any differences between Unix binary builds and
netware; although a much higher percent of people can be expected to
compile from source on unix, there are still a whole lot of binary builds
used, and the current mechanisms work for them.  What am I missing?

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