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From "RCHAPACH Rochester" <>
Subject Re: -- Apache: Not enough file descriptors --
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 16:16:42 GMT

Yes, FD_SETSIZE is defined in sys/types.h on UNIX flavored
systems.  If you set it to a high enough value
(i.e. #DEFINE FD_SETSIZE 65535 ) before sys/types.h gets included,
it will override the value set in sys/types.h.  We (myself and a
couple co-workers) have submitted a patch to APR (
to dynamically set this but there have been no comments on it yet.

Rob Simonson

"Randolf Richardson" <> on 09/17/2001 06:59:04 PM
     Gunter, thank you for forwarding my message -- I really
appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.

     I got all your messages but haven't had time to keep up
because I just got notice recently from my upstream provider that
my IP addresses are all changing and so lately I'm very busy with
switching everything over (it's a big job for 500 internet domains).

     I was wondering, in the code for Apache, is there an item called
"FD_SETSIZE" or some such?  I remember reading somewhere
that increasing this from its current setting of "64" may help solve
the problem -- perhaps if you find it you can change it to 65535 or
something and I can let you know if that solves the problem?

     Thanks once again for everything, and I'm sorry for not getting
back to you earlier.

> Hi all,
> the following was posted in one of our Novell newsgroups;
> but as Randy has found that it's not only related to NetWare platform,
> I post it here... any hints or tips solving this issue are welcome
> (I'm in contact with Randy and will forward to him; he's not
> subscribed to the list). Guenter.
> Randolf Richardson wrote 2 Sep 2001 21:27:38 GMT:
>         I've run into a scalability problem with Apache Web Server,
>         and have
> discovered that it's not unique to the NetWare platform either -- it
> seems that Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, and other flavours of Unix have
> seen this problem too.
>         I've included a lot of links (below) that document "too many
>         open files"
> bugs/errors which were reported to the Apache software foundation.  In
> particular, please follow the very last link in the list which
> discusses compiled code not recognizing a work-around parameter.
>         I believe that Apache is the problem because I've written an
>         NLM in the
> past which opens 2,500 files and keeps them all open until the
> administrator presses a key, thus proving that a single thread in
> NetWare can handle this many files without a problem (and NetWare
> handles it very quickly too).
>         Currently, I'm still suffering with Novell's Web Server 3.1
>         product, a
> now discontinued HTTP server which was originally designed for NetWare
> 4.11, and it's handling more than 500 internet sites, each of which
> have separate ERROR and ACCESS logs, thus the web server has a MINIMUM
> of more than 1,000 files open at any one time, and it's stable.  In my
> opinion, Novell Web Server 3.1 is still the best and most reliable web
> server on the NetWare platform.  Apache, on the other hand, causes the
> server to freeze (cold boot is required at this point) if more than 32
> virtual hosts are configured (each host has two log files, ERROR and
> ACCESS, and one Listen directive, which accounts for three file
> descriptors per host, plus additional file descriptors required to
> send content to browsers).
>         As soon as Apache can meet my scalability needs, I will be
>         switching to
> it, so I'm really hoping this issue can get some immediate attention.
> All other aspects of Apache satisfy me, and far exceed the features
> currently available in Novell Web Server 3.1.
>         The links...
>                 Too many open files
>                 Open files limited
>                 Not enough file descriptors??
>                 (Suggests reducing number of log files, but this isn't
>                 an
> acceptable or realistic solution for larger ISPs)
>                 Apache dies, too many open files in error log
>                 (Possibly resolved by removing JServ/Java support
>                 before
> compiling)
>                 Apache Server Frequently Asked Questions
>                 (See problem described in item E.1:  Why can't I run
>                 more than <n>
> virtual hosts?)
>                 Too many virtual hosts cause cgi scripts to stop
>                 working
>                 exits with "Too many open files: unable to open a file
>                 descriptor
> above 15 ..."
>                 (Suggests reducing number of log files, but this isn't
>                 an
> acceptable/realistic solution)
>                 Not enough file descriptors
>         Thanks in advance.
> --
> Randolf Richardson -
> Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.
> Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Randolf Richardson -
Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives."

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