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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject RE: [SUGGESTION] mod_auth_xxxx API
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 20:08:16 GMT

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> From: minfrin [mailto:minfrin]On Behalf Of Graham Leggett
> Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 9:44 PM
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> Cc: New-Httpd
> Subject: Re: [SUGGESTION] mod_auth_xxxx API
> How is this different from what we have now? As I read it all you're
> suggesting really as that a new module gets created between the various
> auth modules and the core - but this common functionality already exists
> in the core anyway, so I'm not sure what this achieves? What worries me
> at first glance is that something that has a few config directives now
> has a whole lot more config directives that achieve the same thing.

It has fewer config directives then the old style.
For example you have AuthFile, AuthDBFile, AuthDBMFile etc,..
Using this approach you have AuthInterfaceUse and AuthFile only.
The AuthInferaceUse will call the proper database.

> What would be useful is to go through all the modules and form a library
> of common routines and common configuration, and either build that
> module into the core, or allow it's use as a separate module DAV and
> proxy style.

That's what I'm talking about. The difference between the mod_auth,
mod_authdb and mod_authdbm is only in the way they get
username/passwor/groupname from the file.

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