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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] autoindex instead of index.html
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 21:01:47 GMT
"William A. Rowe, Jr." wrote:
> Then back it out already, if you like. 

If backing it out breaks something else, I'd rather wait.  daedalus
seems happier with it off, but I still have a bunch of other new errors
to work thru.  A lot of them are due to site content changes, but they
still take time to investigate.

> This is a very hackish hack.  Let's revisit the original problem.
> translate_names was never invoked before for file subrequests.
OK, thanks, I didn't know that.  
> Since mod_rewrite returns DECLINED - I entirely agree with your perspective.
> Now there are bigger questions - but those can wait a few hours.  Let's
> revert back to the original broken behavior, and evaluate a better solution
> than the 1.58 patch above.

> HERE is the difference.  In 1.2-1.3, we have never called the normal
> request cycle for subrequests, we've had hackish, occasionally broken and
> unmaintainable variants for each subrequest flavor.  Several months ago
> I joined those in common code.  Within the last month I rerouted all that
> brokenness through ONE block of code (ap_internal_process_request) that
> will draw out any discrepancies.

> I'd argue the right fix -could- be a translate_name RUN_VERY_FIRST hook
> in the request.c module, that says, "Hmmm... a _file_ subreq, better skip
> the translate name phase" and returns OK.

I like the sound of that.  Or why not have ap_process_request_internal
do exactly the same test, and skip running the hook altogether?  That
would save an extra computed branch in mainline code, and make life
slightly easier for the CPU's branch prediction logic.

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