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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: autoindex instead of index.html
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2001 18:18:33 GMT
"William A. Rowe, Jr." wrote:
> The actual merge occurs in ap_sub_req_method_uri().  


>                  Can you breakpoint and
> determine what's passed?  This sounds like a vhost's per-dir-config may not
> be initialized.

from an earlier post,

#6  0x08081d1e in ap_sub_req_method_uri (method=0x8094501 "GET",
    new_file=0x80da88c "index.html", r=0x81091c4, next_filter=0x0)
    at request.c:1473
> I also (reviewing that code) didn't like what I saw...
>         udir = ap_make_dirstr_parent(rnew->pool, r->uri);
>         udir = ap_escape_uri(rnew->pool, udir);    /* re-escape it */
>         ap_parse_uri(rnew, ap_make_full_path(rnew->pool, udir, new_file));
> This means that the new_file is _never_ escaped!!!
> The code below might fit -some- situations better...
>         udir = ap_make_dirstr_parent(rnew->pool, r->uri);
>         udir = ap_make_full_path(rnew->pool, udir, new_file);
>         udir = ap_escape_uri(rnew->pool, udir);    /* re-escape it */
>         ap_parse_uri(rnew, udir);

I can play with that and see if it helps.  So ap_make_full_path should
do Good Stuff for me?  

what I found in the mean time:  the problem goes away if I disable
mod_rewrite.  It has a translate hook that is setting the subrequest's
r->filename to "/index.html" (?huh?!?).  r->canonical_filename remains
null.  The core's translate phase backs off if it finds r->filename is
already set.  When mod_rewrite is disabled (i.e. r->filename is null),
ap_core_translate calls apr_filepath_merge and everything works.  With
or without mod_rewrite, the subrequest's r->filename is null when we get
to ap_process_request_internal.


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