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From Stipe Tolj <>
Subject [PATCH] 1.3: transparent configure and build of shared DLL modules
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2001 01:37:43 GMT
This patch is for the Cygwin platform. 

There are a couple of clean-ups and enhancements, especially for
configuring and building shared module DLLs using the
--enable-shared=<foobar> configure switch.

Installation now performs without any errors, even a libhttpd.ep fake
is installed for a clean "make install" run.

The manual page htdocs/manual/cygwin.html has been changed to reflect
the features for the configuration and building process of shared
module DLLs too.

Please commit changed to CVS, Jim, Martin?!

Here is what has been changed:

  * configure: added case for Cygwin to translate shared module
extensions from .so to .dll. Almost the same as for OS2.

  * htdocs/manual/cywin.html: added related changes to the configure
and build process for shared module DLLs.

  * src/Configure: cleaned up Cygwin case for OS specific variable
declaration. Removed no longer need $DLL_IMPORT_DEF and
$DLL_IMPORT_LIB variables.

  * src/Makefile.tmpl: removed no longer needed $DLL_IMPORT_LIB

  * src/main/http_main.c: added dllexport declaration for int REALMAIN
for SHARED_CORE support.

  * src/modules/standard/Makefile.Cygwin: added this new file to
refelct the extra rules needed to link the shared module DLLs. Very
similar to src/modules/standard/Makefile.OS2.

  * src/os/cygwin/os.h: added explicit dllimport and dllexport
declarations for API_VAR_EXPORT and API_EXPORT(type).

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