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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: autoindex instead of index.html
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 22:32:35 GMT
Greg Ames wrote:
>  But apparently apr_stat isn't called during the
> ap_sub_req_lookup_uri processing, so rr->finfo.filetype contains
> APR_NOFILE and the test fails, 

I stand corrected.  apr_stat() is called with fname "/index.html" and
the stat fails.  A bit of the backtrace:

#0  apr_stat (finfo=0x8107298, fname=0x81078d4 "/index.html",
    cont=0x8107184) at filestat.c:147
#1  0x08080ad1 in get_path_info (r=0x81071b4) at request.c:465
#2  0x08080d1b in ap_directory_walk (r=0x81071b4) at request.c:546
#3  0x0807e34e in core_map_to_storage (r=0x81071b4) at core.c:2614
#4  0x0807f835 in ap_run_map_to_storage (r=0x81071b4) at request.c:108
#5  0x0808046d in ap_process_request_internal (r=0x81071b4) at
#6  0x08081d1e in ap_sub_req_method_uri (method=0x8094501 "GET",
    new_file=0x80da88c "index.html", r=0x81091c4, next_filter=0x0)
    at request.c:1473
#7  0x08081d78 in ap_sub_req_lookup_uri (new_file=0x80da88c
    r=0x81091c4, next_filter=0x0) at request.c:1484
#8  0x40278f38 in handle_dir (r=0x81091c4) at mod_dir.c:183


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