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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Listen Q dropouts
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2001 05:23:28 GMT

I'm doing some benchmarking (results @ with the worker MPM
and mod-include.

The file size I'm testing for SSI is ~30K but most of it is in a <if> SSI
so that only 180 bytes are output. (to remove the network bottleneck)

the results look good... the mod-include with no SSI processing is about
as fast as a non-filtered file (with more CPU)

the other surprise (for me) was that The 'acceptmutex Pthread'  gave
better results than the fcntl.

The worker MPM  has improved significantly since last week, and the
mutex contention has been drastically reduced. (mutex-sleeps were between
5-6000, now they range between 2,900-4,000)

I haven't done pre-fork this round.

The next round of benchmarks will be using a web-avalanche box which can simulate
real users more realistically. they should be done next week.

(Thanks to AAron, Sander, Brian, & Justin)


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