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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Q1: Rollup Release Format - Score So Far...
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:39:24 GMT
Alex Stewart wrote:

> There seems to be a big assumption here that "release" is the same as
> "version", which seems like an unnecessary restriction.
> Frankly, if these are separate subprojects we're talking about (which it
> seems pretty clear they're going to be evolving into, if they aren't
> already), they should have separate, independent versioning.

But consensus has just been reached that there will be a single rollup
release, so out of necessity there will have to be one version per

> Trying to
> coordinate the version numbers of umpteen different projects just
> because one of their possible distribution channels distributes them
> together is silly and a lot of unnecessary extra work.

We are currently coordinating three different projects (httpd-core, apr,
apr-util) being released together and things are working fine. I don't
see how expanding this to 4 or 5 is such a problem?

> I agree with the global tagging thing, but I don't see why this much
> effort has to be put into making everything ready concurrently just so
> it can be rolled together.  Automatic coordination of this sort of thing
> is part of what CVS (and in particular CVS tags) is supposed to be good for.

"Making everything ready" just means "make sure it's not currently
broken". This is exactly how we do things now, I don't think anything
should change.

> It seems to me that each subproject should attempt to maintain at all
> times a tag that says "current rollup-candidate", which isn't
> necessarily the latest-and-greatest, but is the latest version that's
> stable and without showstoppers.

I suggested this a while back - but after thinking about it some more I
realised this just means extra work. Instead of tagging it once when the
trumpet call is released, we must now update the latest-known-working
tag every time we make a commit - yuck.

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