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Subject Re: [SUBMIT] mod_gzip 2.0.26a ( Non-debug version )
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2001 16:21:38 GMT

In a message dated 01-09-15 15:44:43 EDT, Ian wrote...

Coments on coments ( my2c )...

> additional comments (my 2c)

>  * Caching should be removed (there is another caching module there
>     it should use that), failing that, maybe it should be split out to
>     a different filter

What caching are you talking about?
This version isn't attempting to have a compressed object cache (yet).

>  * functions should be static


>  * why are you defining your own strncmp??

Faster and guaranteed thread-safe using pointers only.

>  * logging should be via the logging optional function

Completely configurable just as it is right now.

>  * flushing should probably flush the zlib buffer before sending it out

Doesn't seem to matter.

>  * only check if gzip is on ONCE per request. (ie if (!f->ctx)) and if you 
> don't want it enabled remove it from the filter chain.


Read the comments.

In order to fully support reality you have to have cross-header
field matching using regular expressions.

At the time that 'insert filter' is called the response headers
are not yet available. 

You can't make all the 'right' decisions at that point alone.

Again... read the comments or read the mod_gzip forum
support messages.

>  * remove the de-chunking, you won't see this anyway

Yes, you will.

>  * remove the 'enable' flag. if the user has setoutputfilter'd it he wants 

Perhaps. Safer to keep it.

Why not let them 'setoutputfilter' for the whole Server and then control
the actual use in a particualy Server/Location with simple 'On/Off' command?

I believe this is what people expect to be able to do and it 
currently works that way.

>  * the filter should be a HTTP_HEADER not a content one.


>  * the filter should only be run on a 'main' request (do you check this?)
>     otherwise you will have a gzip'ed included file in a non-gziped main 

Not true.

If you only run on a MAIN request you won't be able to comrpess
certain negotiated URLs. When someone just asks for a directory
and the name resolves to index.html it's all happening on a

See the Apache output logs after mod_gzip has been working
for a while... mod_gzip result clearly indicates if/when
the request was something other than main and a simply home
page request is almost always indicated as OK:SUBREQ because
that's what it is. 


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