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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] update to default worker MPM config to match MaxClients fix
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 17:51:16 GMT
On Thursday 20 September 2001 10:44 am, Aaron Bannert wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 01:19:39PM -0400, Joshua Slive wrote:
> > 2. Naming:
> > I think we should define Server="thing capable of serving requests" and
> > completely get rid of "Child" which is ambiguous.  Then we can change
> > MinSpareThreads -> MinSpareServers
> > MaxSpareThreads -> MaxSpareServers
> > StartServers -> StartProcesses
> > ThreadsPerChild -> ThreadsPerProcess
> > MaxRequestsPerChild -> MaxRequestsPerServer
> >
> > The first two are clearly better because they are more consistent with
> > prefork and easier to understand.
> >
> > The third one is less consistent with prefork, but is much less
> > ambiguous.
> >
> > The last one I'm not sure of, because I don't know whether this is
> > actually measured per thread or per process.  Perhaps it should be
> > MaxRequestsPerProcess.
> >
> > This has been hashed over already a couple times.  I hope what I am
> > proposing here is close to what we were talking about before.  I know
> > there was a suggestion to use "worker" for what I am using "server" for.
> I'm going to stay out of this one. I just spent the last few days trying to
> force those square-peg names we have into the round hole in my head, so
> you've got no complaints from me. It might suit us better, however, if we
> try to do a higher-level evaluation of all the MPM directives (especially
> their definitions in our docs and config comments).

This has been discussed a lot on list, but we never really come to a conclusion.
I would suggest that we just change the names, and let the flames fall where
they may.

I like the idea of changing StartServers to StartProcesses, and Min/Max 
SpareThreads to Min/Max SpareServers.  We do not want to change 
MaxRequestsPerChild though, because we are still talking about the maximum
number of requests each child process will server.  In threaded and worker,
we count requests for the whole child process, not for each thread.  I also would
not change ThreadsPerChild, because we are talking about the number of threads
in each child process.


Ryan Bloom
Covalent Technologies

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