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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: General Availability release qualities?
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 04:18:13 GMT

> This brings up a good point: What is satisfactory in terms of performance
> and features to release a 2.0 GA from this group?  How do we answer
> questions like "how much faster is it?" and "how well does it scale?" and
> "what new features do I have to look forward to?" To most people I don't
> think the last question will be at all obvious. The work from Brian,
> Ian, Justin, OtherBill, etc has done wonders for performance, but we're
> still not (by my calculations) anywhere near as fast as 1.3. How good
> is good enough? Some guidance here may help us newbies.

My own opinion?  We have to be at least as performant as 1.3, with prefork.
The threaded ones don't have to perform as well in terms of seconds to serve
a single request, but they do have to scale better than 1.3.

Now, how we measure this, is another question.  Oh, before anybody says that
we have already met these on Windows, I believe this must be the case on
Unix (any Unix, but Solaris, AIX, and Linux would be a good start) before we
are ready for GA.

I also believe that we need at least two more betas before we go GA.  I am the
guy who was agitating for a GA release first (about a year and a half ago), so 
everybody knows that I want this more than ANYBODY else in the world.  
However, we have made a lot of changes since 2.0.16, if we try to release a
production release without letting people play with it, we have done a MAJOR
dis-service to our users.


Ryan Bloom
Covalent Technologies

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